Twitter Parody Feed ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Becomes Web Video Series

"Sh*t Girls Say" got its start as a popular humorous Twitter feed that pokes fun at some of the phrases women say.

What phrases, you may ask?

The Twitter feed lists these gems, among others:  "I'm so pale." "I hope I'm not getting sick." "I'm shaking." "These are so addicting." "We should grab a tea sometime." "So excited for tomorrow!" and "I'm just kind of in a weird mood today."

Now, "Sh*t Girls Say" is becoming a web video series.

The feed is the brainchild of Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard of Toronto, who posted their first video in the planned short series today on YouTube.

Titled "Shi*t Girls Say, Episode 1," it features a cameo appearance by actress Juliette Lewis.

In the video, which runs about a minute and 14 seconds, Sheppard is dressed as a woman who appears in a number of places, including a café, outdoors, a club and at home.  The "woman" searches her purse, looks confused in front of a computer and chats with friends in several locales, including a bar, café and on her cell phone.

Through it all, she rattles off a plethora of trite - or inane - phrases, such as: "I had such a good sleep." "Did I lock the door? … Yes." "Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen." "What's wrong with my computer?"

Sheppard told that he and Humphrey, his boyfriend, came up with the idea for the Twitter feed earlier this year.

"We started just talking about things that are kind of specific to women that they say, and the first thing that we said was 'Could you pass me that blanket?' and we said that would be a funny Twitter feed," he said in an interview Monday.  "Eventually,  (the feed) started going well and I'm a filmmaker and I thought it would  be a great project to do a little comedy short to bring the tweets to life."

Lewis noticed their feed and started to follow them. When they learned she was filming in Toronto, they met.

"She was one of the first big followers that we had and we were just really excited to see her on our follow list," Sheppard, who works as a filmmaker, said.

They have 60,000 Twitter followers so far, and are particularly gratified by the support they've had from women.

"We both grew up surrounded by women and strong mothers and sisters, and I think that the tone really comes across as kind or as reverent a little bit," he added.

Sheppard, 29, and Humphrey, a 25-year-old graphic designer, plan to do a few more videos.

"Beyond that, I don't know I don't know if it has much more longevity or if people will get sick of it being that it's the same format,"  Sheppard said.