YouTube's Top 5 Viral Videos of the Year

People around the world watch videos on the Internet more than three billion times every day, which added up to more than one trillion video views on YouTube in 2011. From laughing along at celebrities making fun of themselves to crying and sighing over cute babies and animals, we all spent a lot of time watching YouTube this year. So what were the hottest viral videos of 2011? YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca counted down the top five with "GMA."

 #5 Nyan Cat

This video has more than 55 million views, plus thousands of remixes and remakes. "There are actually thousands of parodies," Allocca said. "It's kind of hard to explain."

#4 Talking Twin Babies

Babies and pets are two of the classic genres on YouTube, and these babbling Brooklyn twins have more than 56 million views so far.


 #3 Jack Sparrow

This funny SNL short from a comedy trip called Lonely Island features some familiar faces: Michael Bolton and Andy Samberg. It's been viewed almost 62 million times. "They get such great guest stars to be in these things," Allocca said.


#2 Ultimate Dog Tease

The runner-up for the hottest viral video of the year was produced by voiceover artist Andrew Grantham and has been watched more than 78 million times. Check out this discussion of bacon known as "The Ultimate Dog Tease." "If you're a dog owner I think you can particularly appreciate it," Allocca said.


#1: Friday

Rebecca Black's "Friday" video was by far the biggest viral video of the year. Within a week of its release people were posting parodies, and the 13-year-old became a household name. The video has been watched an astounding 180 million times but if you somehow missed this one, check it out: