Matt LeBlanc on 'Bizarre' Golden Globes Win, No 'Friends' Movie

Matt LeBlanc and his Golden Globe.

How's the former Joey Tribiani doin'? Pretty great. talked with a beaming Matt LeBlanc after he won a Golden Globe Sunday night. That Globe, best actor in a TV comedy for "Episodes," is his first. Though LeBlanc won rave reviews for playing a hyped up version of himself on the freshman Showtime series, the 44-year-old Hollywood vet still finds the honor "bizarre."

"I'm very flattered, but to me it's just so bizarre," he said. "I'm just a guy. You take pride in your work, and you work hard, and you learn from your mistakes, and you move on. Onward and upward."

The award plus the series' renewal is a good sign that LeBlanc won't have to fall back on re-purposing his "Friends" character, "Joey" style, anytime soon. He revealed backstage that there are "no plans" for a film revival of the '90s sitcom. "There's no plans," he said. "'Friends' was about this finite period in six people's lives. Your imagination as to what these characters have moved on or done with their lives is going to do more justice to those characters than putting them back in the room together."

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