Journey's Neal Schon 'Resonates' with Michaele Salahi in Band's New Video

The band Journey gave fans a Valentine's Day present by releasing the video of its new single, "Resonate."

Fans also got more of an eyeful than they likely bargained for, as the video mixes performance footage of the band with shots of guitarist Neal Schon and his new girlfriend, former "Real Housewives of D.C " star Michaele Salahi, walking on a beach hand in hand and making out while rolling in the surf.

The video will certainly make for more tabloid fodder for the pair, who sparked controversy last year when Salahi's estranged husband, Tareq Salahi, who filed for divorce in September, reported that she had been kidnapped, only to later learn she was secretly spending time with Schon.

And the video is sure to fan the flame of tension between the parties, which took a twist today when TMZ reported that Tareq Salahi  had filed a lawsuit against Schon, claiming that the rocker's affair with his wife cost the Salahis an $150,000 payday from the Australian version of "Dancing With the Stars." In happier days, Tareq and Michaele Salahi had managed to crash a White House state dinner

Tareq   urther claimed that Schon had tried to humiliate him, emailing pictures of his private parts and taunting him with phone calls say, "I'm f**king your wife."

Tareq is seeking more than $50 million for emotional distress, conspiracy to defame, interfering with a contract and defamation, as well as $450,000 in punitive damages, according to the TMZ report.

"Resonate," by the way, is the new single from Journey's latest album, "Eclipse."