Nicki Minaj's Tour Demands Buckets of Fried Chicken, Humidifier, Full Tea Set

In what has become a trademark of divahood, Nicki Minaj joins the ranks of superstars who request a laundry list of seemingly over-the-top items for their dressing rooms.

In a recent interview for the February/March issue of Wonderland magazine,  the 29-year-old singer revealed her demands while on tour - not just for herself, she said, but for the entourage that hangs  out with her backstage.

The magazine obtained a full tour rider list for Minaj, which includes roses, a full tea set, fine silverware,  a case of Red Bull, several different kinds of fruit, a full-fledged breakfast spread and deli sandwich tray - and that's just for setting the table. Minaj also requests several items to help her voice, including a humidifier and throat lozenges.

Here's a peek at the list:

  • two dozen pink or white roses and  three  large  Baked Goods scented candles
  • Hot tea setup with lemon wedges, sugar and honey. Must include  teacups, saucers, spoons and napkins, and decaffeinated Lipton Tea bags
  • two  packs Halls lemon honey drops  and three packs of  Thayers Slippery Elm lozenges (three different flavors)
  • Contact lense  solution with case, two space heaters - very important - and a cool mist humidifier
  • three  packs of gum in three different flavors
  • twenty-four bottles of Dasani Water (12 at room temperature,12 on ice)
  • twelve cans of Red Bull (six at room temp, six iced)
  • twelve bottles of Martinelli's Apple Juice (six at room temp, six iced)
  • twenty-four  bottles of Snapple, 12 must be Lemon Ice Tea, 12 other assorted flavors
  • Singer's Saving Grace throat spray
  • two  large bottles of assorted fruit juices and 1 gallon of  Simply Lemonade - please  supply one small tub of clean ice and cups for drinks.
  • Egg Whites (scrambled hard), turkey bacon (fried hard), white toast  (grape and strawberry jelly/jam). Belgian waffles (syrup, powdered  sugar, whipped cream, butter and strawberries on side), enough to serve four  people
  • one large fruit platter with side of mango and one large cheese platter
  • three twelve-piece buckets of fried chicken, spicy - no thighs, lots of wings
  • A deli tray with turkey breast meat, grilled chicken breast, whole wheat bread or rolls, yellow mustard and other condiments (seasoned salt, hot sauce), plates, forks, spooks, knives, napkins and straws (enough for six people)
  • salad - iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, green olives, Wishbone Light Italian dressing , Bumble Bee tuna in water, wheat or low-Fat crackers
  • carrots and dip
  • cranberries (dried) , almonds (raw- not roasted)
  • one set of fine silverware/stainless steel silverware

While the list seems long, the singer told the magazine the real Nicki is a "different" person from her neon-painted, latex-wearing diva self.

' They're definitely two completely different people," she said. "Obviously, what I would wear at home is not what I would wear up on stage, and I think, when I'm at home it's a way more introspective character and I think the person people see onstage is anything but."

The multi-platinum rapper, who took home the Best Hip-Hop Video at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, is up for the Best New Artist Award at this year's Grammys. Minaj is expected to drop her new album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" on April 3.

Minaj is not the first diva to make elaborate requests while on tour - not by a long shot. She's pretty tame when compared to Mariah Carey, who reportedly asked for kittens and white doves when she was turning on Christmas lights at the Westfield London Shopping Center in 2009.

Also in 2009,  Lady Gaga demanded lambs and hundreds of butterflies onstage for her performance on "The  X Factor." However her request to have lions accompany her at the MTV Video Music Awards that year was denied.

The Smoking Gun obtained a backstage rider list from Rihanna's 2010 tour  that showed the singer had very particular demands, including specifics about  the exact size of the couch she wanted in her dressing room and how she liked her flowers arranged.

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