The Super Bowl: Top 5 Memorable Halftime Shows

Credit: Martin Fraser/Getty Images.

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. She's inescapable these days, in part because she's headlining the halftime show of the 2012 Super Bowl (XLVI, officially). She's promised not to pull a Janet and expose herself. She's pledged to entertain and delight. But how will she compare to the memorable (for reasons both good and bad) performances of these guys and gals?

1. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, Super Bowl XXXVIII

Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in which JTims inadvertently exposed her nipple was arguably the most infamous Super Bowl halftime moment ever. The 2004 scandal resulted in a record $550,000 fine by the FCC against CBS and severe embarassment on the part of Jackson.

2. Michael Jackson, Super Bowl XXVII

Her late older brother fared better. From being catapulted onto stage and striking one of his "Dangerous" poses to singing "Heal the World" with 3,500 children, the King of Pop's 1993 Super Bowl show was a must-see - more people tuned in for him than for the first half of the game.

3. Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, and Edward James Olmos, Super Bowl XXXIV

We get it - you want a lot of stars for any Super Bowl halftime show. Madonna's likely to be joined by Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee Lo and LMFAO on Sunday. But the lineup for the 2000 game was a bit ridiculous. Pairing the guy from "Blade Runner" with the dude who sang "I can be your hero, baby?" What?

4. Bruce Springsteen and Prince, Super Bowl XLIII

The Boss and the guy who sometimes goes by a symbol both offered up solid sets in 2009. But the most memorable moment: Springsteen sliding into the camera and giving the entire world a close up of his crotch.

5. Chubby Checker and The Rockettes, Super Bowl XXII

Time was, there were no HD flat screens or Dolby surround sound. Instead, you had … instruments! 88 grand pianos to be exact, which were wheeled out on to the field in 1988. That was so long ago, we couldn't even find a YouTube video of it.