Whitney Houston: 'The Biggest Devil Is Me'

                                                       (Image Credit: Ida Mae Astute/ABC/Getty Images)

In a revealing 2002 interview, Whitney Houston opened up to Diane Sawyer about her battle with addiction, her desire to live up to expectations and her hopes for the future.

When asked by Sawyer which vice - alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or pills - was the "biggest devil" for her, Houston said, "No one makes me do anything I don't want to do. It's my decision, so the biggest devil is me. I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy. And that's how I have to deal with it."

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Sawyer recalled on "Good Morning America" today that Houston was originally not sure if she wanted to talk about her battle with drugs during the interview, but decided to do so because she believed the interview was a sign that it was time to come to terms with her problems and admit what she had done.

Sawyer said the biggest challenge for Houston was dealing with the pressure of her greatest gift.

"When they call you 'the voice 'and that's what it is your bring. It really does create … over the course of a career a lot of fear inside you that you'll disappoint. … It really was her talent as her torment because she didn't have parades of dancing people behind her. She didn't have lightshows," Sawyer said this morning. "She had to come out and tear a hole in the sky with her voice and she wasn't always sure it was going to be there. And so I think the terror and responsibility of that to her fans really got to her."

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If it did, Houston was not willing to admit in 2002.

"I am not self-destructive. I am not a person who wants to die," Houston said. "I'm a person who has life and wants to live, and always have."