Zsa Zsa Gabor's Daughter Feuds with Prince Frederic

Credit: Toby Canham/Getty Images.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's 95th birthday party has driven an even deeper wedge between her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, and her daughter, Constance Francesca Gabor Hilton.

In a long statement to ABCNews.com made by her representative, Edward Lozzi, Hilton called von Anhalt a "chronic narcissist" who is using her dementia-addled mother as a "self promotional tool." Among her grievances - that he claimed such luminaries as Nancy Reagan and former "Tonight Show" host Steve Allen would be attending the Monday night party held at Gabor's Beverly Hills home. Allen the TV personality died in 2000. Von Anhalt told ABCNews.com that he actually invited Steve Allen from the L.A. branch of the Red Cross and he "had a good time."

Hilton claimed von Anhalt is denying her access to her mother and said there will soon be "legal action slapping Mr. von Anhalt silly for a myriad of charges."

Von Anhalt defended himself, telling ABCNews.com, "25 years ago, my wife told me, 'Don't leave me alone with Francesca.' She always asked her mother for money. I've respected my wife's wishes." As for the party, he said, "Entertainment keeps my wife alive and I will not stop doing it."

Gabor's eighth husband has been one of the most colorful characters in the actress' life. He once stated that he had a decade-long affair with the late Anna Nicole Smith and could potentially be the father of her infant girl (he is not).

In 2007, he claimed that he was approached by three women in southern California who robbed him at gunpoint and stripped him naked, but authorities couldn't find evidence of wrongdoing at the scene. And in 2010, he entered the California governor's race as an independent, only to withdraw six months later citing Gabor's health problems.

Credit: Prince Frederic von Anhalt.

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