10 George Clooney Crimes, According to Twitter

Cliff Owen/AP Photo

After actor and activist George Clooney was taken away in handcuffs at the Sudanese Embassy today, the hashtag #ClooneyCrimes made the rounds on Twitter, listing clever crimes only Clooney could have committed.

Buzzfeed, as it often does, led the pack with the first tweet picking apart Clooney's film career and dashing looks for puns. Because you're too busy to pick through hundreds of tweets, we've selected ten of our favorites below.

@BuzzFeed: Aggravated amounts of handsomeness

@erinscafe: Hunk and Disorderly

@SeamusCondron: Excessive use of Matt Damon

@sinserving: Grand Theft of Women's Inhibitions

@andrea_h1ckey: Driving While Intoxicating

@jarodjones: Convincing me to get that dreadful Caesar haircut in the 90's

@Macchzac: Impersonating a doctor

@ToniBoop: Exceeding the charm limit

@andrea_h1ckey: Involuntary heartslaughter

TheRealMattKing: Batman & Robin

Want in on the fun? See what #ClooneyCrimes have already been listed on Twitter here and add to the long list of counts against him.