Armie Hammer Discusses Licking Julia Roberts for 'Mirror Mirror'

Jan Thijs/Relativity Media

Armie Hammer had Julia Roberts licked on the set of their new Snow White film, "Mirror Mirror," which opens Friday.

In one scene, "The Social Network" actor, who plays the Prince, is turned into a love-sick puppy by Roberts' evil Queen. The Prince then proceeds to lick the evil Queen in the face multiple times.

Roberts was very professional about it, according to Hammer. He tells ABC News Radio, "[T]he first time that I did it she kind of threw her head back and gave that iconic Julia Roberts laugh and I was just like, yep. I've arrived. This is great."

Hammer wasn't quite as enthusiastic when director Tarsem Singh requested that he do some shirtless scenes. Hammer recalls Singh asking him, "You've been getting in shape, doing sword fighting and all that, do you wanna do shirtless scenes? And I was like, No! Who have you worked with before that just requested random shirtless scenes. Like seriously? How gratuitous can you get?"