Judge Rules in Favor of Oprah in "Own Your Power" Lawsuit

Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey owns a victory in a legal case involving her use of the phrase "Own Your Power" on a cover of an O, The Oprah Magazine issue.

Simone Kelly-Brown, the head of Own Your Power Communications, Inc., which provides motivational services, argued in a lawsuit filed last year that her company owned the trademark to "Own Your Power." She claimed Winfrey infringed upon the trademark with a 2010 issue of O whose cover carried the phrases "Own Your Power," "How to Tap Into Your Strength," "Focus Your Energy" and "Let Your Best Self Shine."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a New York federal judge on Tuesday ruled against Kelly-Brown, stating that consumers could not have been confused by the magazine's use of the phrase "Own Your Power." The judge also determined that Winfrey had the right to use the phrase to describe the contents of the issue.