Bush Front Man Gavin Rossdale Behind the Scenes + 'Glycerine' Acoustic (VIDEO)

When a rock star is asked to sing acoustic during an interview, they will often decline. Not Gavin Rossdale.

For nearly two minutes, the Bush front man played and sang "Glycerine" during an interview with "Nightline." For most of us who were teens in the 1990s, the song was an anthem of our youth.

"I can remember where I was physically when I wrote [Glycerine]," he said.

To sit there with Rossdale, singing and playing that song two decades after it was released, was surreal.

"I love playing that song," he says.  "It really has been such an ambassador for us.  It's just always been such a great element of playing Bush shows. "

Rossdale, 46, is back in the spotlight because Bush is back together after a nine-year hiatus, picking up where they left off with their new album, "The Sea of Memories."

Rather than sign another major label deal, the band decided to go their own way, formed a label, and released the album themselves. Their first single "The Sound of Winter" made radio history by hitting No. 1 on the Alternative music charts, the first time ever that a self-released song went to No. 1. Then it stayed at No. 1 for six weeks.

Watch "Sound of Winter" HERE:

Bush first shot to the top of the charts in 1994 when their hit "Everything Zen" made then instantly famous.

"I remember making my first demos with Bush and just thinking that finally I'd sort of let go. I wasn't concerned with trying to get a record deal, trying to get somewhere.  And then, of course, when it really took off it was the biggest irony of all," he explains.

Rossdale, who is married to singer Gwen Stefani with two kids together, is surprisingly soft-spoken and humble.

He walked into the Guitar Center in Hollywood alone for our interview - no entourage, just him.  His hair, now a tad long, was pulled back in a tight ponytail.  He wore black jeans, a fitted gray sweater and fancy sneakers, introducing himself and chatting with people in the store. Then he made a bee line for the amps lined up in the Guitar Center store.

If there is anything Gavin Rossdale loves, it appears to be a quality amp.  He ran his fingers over them, assessing them one by one.

Although Rossdale and was named one of "People" magazines 2011 sexiest men alive, it seems he would rather pass on his sex symbol status, preferring to be famous for nothing more than his lyrics.

He explains his love for words, "The writing of words was something that felt very comforting to me. You could just release your emotions judgment free."

To date, Rossdale has written nearly 300 songs.  He wrote his first lyrics at age 14 while growing up in London, after his parents divorced.  He said music provided an escape.

"A songwriter is how I view myself, you know," he said. "So I'm just thrilled and kind of honored that I still get the chance to do what I love, because that really is the definition of success."

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