Crazy Town Singer Shifty Shellshock Reportedly Out of Coma, Still Hospitalized

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images.

For Seth Brooks Binzer, better known as Shifty Shellshock to his Crazy Town and "Celebrity Rehab" fans, drug addiction has been a lifelong struggle.

Binzer, 37, went into a coma at a Los Angeles hospital since Thursday afternoon, according to TMZ reported today that Binzer is now responsive and speaking but still in an intensive care unit. While it's not clear what caused the coma, his February arrest for cocaine possession suggests that drugs had something to do with it.

The "Butterfly" singer was a cast member of the first season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," which aired on VH1 in 2008. In an interview before the series' premiere, he told that he signed on to the show because he'd struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction for 15 years, and traditional rehab hadn't helped. "From being in AA, after I was sober for a while, I'd wonder, 'Was I really that bad?,'" he said.

He added, "I'm really happy in sobriety right now. I'm doing everything I can in my power to make it stick. It's more about daily maintenance. I feel better than I ever have."

He relapsed multiple times. Those struggles were chronicled by subsequent seasons of "Celebrity Rehab" and its spin-off, "Sober House." In November, Binzer appeared on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab Revisited," 76 days sober. Drug counselor Bob Forrest said of his progress, "I don't think he's ever been doing this well, this centered."