Feverish Katy Perry Smooches Soldier at US Naval Academy


Katy Perry's been sick, but that didn't stop the singer from doing her patriotic duty and performing Friday night at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

In a video posted on YouTube, Perry, wearing a sailor-style halter top, skirt and a Navy cap, calls a sailor named Beasley up onstage for a kiss, but first asks him how old he is. When he replies that he's 20, she responds, "Is this legal? Well, I'm a little bit older than you, but that's all right, I can be your Mrs. Robinson." Perry was referring to the character in the movie "The Graduate," in which an older woman seduces a college boy.

As the audience whoops in delight, Perry tells Beasley, "If I told you I had a cold, if I told you I flew here with a 101.8 temperature, would you still be all right with that?" When he responds, "Oh yeah!" she tells him she wants to recreate an iconic World War II photo of a sailor kissing a girl. "You ready?" she asks. He dips her low and kisses her, while she lifts her knee in the air.

Perry later tweeted a photo of her posing backstage with a bunch of people - who appear to be her band and backup dancers - in naval uniforms. "Played for some Navy guys & gals tonight," she wrote. "I think my fever broke on stage from all the sea-men."