'Hot Problems' Dubbed Worst Song of the Year

                                                                                                            (Image credit: ABC News)

If Samantha Brick, the writer criticized for complaining about her good looks, had a theme song, this would be it.

With lyrics like "Hot girls we have problems, too. We're just like you, except we're hot," the viral internet video "Hot Problems" has garnered almost 2 million views in less than a week.

The song was written and performed by Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey, two 17-year-old high school seniors from northern Los Angeles.

"We wanted something funny to show our friends. We really didn't mean anything from it," said Willey.

The song is being criticized by some bloggers as the worst song ever, beating out the viral video "Friday" by Rebecca Black which originally held the top stop.

"We knew that we couldn't actually sing…so we decided to go for more of a talking singing," said Garrett.

With lyrics like "Boys call me stuck up; girls say I'm conceited. On behalf of all hot girls - those comments aren't needed, " and "Hot girls we have problems, too.  We're just like you, except we're hot."

Both Garrett and Willey emphasize that they aren't serious about the song, "We don't think that we're that hot, no."

As for a future in music, the girls have plans to attend college in the fall.  Garrett wants to major in animal science and Willey plans to major in international business.  They are open to a career as songwriters and hinted at plans to write another song.

While they might not have "Hot Problems," the girls have another problem they have to deal with this month: the prom.  Both Willey and Garrett aren't sure they will attend because they  haven't found dates.