Kelly Clarkson 'Sucks' at Acting but Has Dream TV Role in Mind

Credit: Miguel Aguilar/

Kelly Clarkson may have gotten her start on TV, but landing a gig acting on a TV show isn't one of her goals.  However, she told ABC News Radio that she'd just love to guest star on her current favorite show, NBC's "Parks & Recreation."

"Oh my God, I want to either play a bad actress - 'cause I am horrible at it - or I just wanna do something really funny or outrageous," Clarkson said about her dream TV guest role.  "I think if I had to do, like, a really ridiculous character, I'd be better at it.  It'd make me more comfortable. Playing a straight man - that's not my thing."

Over the years, Clarkson has appeared on a few TV shows but she said she doesn't do it because she wants to get her foot in the door as an actress. "The only shows you'll see me on are shows I like, and I just want to hang out with the cast," she said. "It has nothing to do with me wanting to be an actress. I suck at acting!"

Clarkson appeared on "Reba," which starred her good friend Reba McEntire, and "American Dreams," which had a plot that revolved around Dick Clark's old show "American Bandstand."  "I loved [it], I wanted to play Brenda Lee," she said.  "You know, if it's something that I'm really into, then I'll do it, but other than that, I'm not gonna sign up to act!"

Kelly may still be scarred from her first acting experience: the universally-panned film " From Justin to Kelly," which she and "American Idol" season one runner-up Justin Guarini were contractually obligated to make.