'Dancing With the Stars': Maria Menounos Dishes on Injured Feet, Competitors

Adam Taylor/ABC

Five of the 12 competitors on season 14 of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" have already been voted off the show, and the pressure is one for those who remain  to make it to the final three and their chance at the mirror ball trophy.

Tonight's routines will be performed to famous classical music pieces, and in addition to their individual routines, the stars will also perform a team dance.

"Good Morning America" correspondent Cameron Mathison caught up with "Extra" co-host Maria Menounos and her pro partner, Derek Hough, as they rehearsed for their classical night performance, the paso doble.

Menounos has sustained several injuries during the season - to her chin, ribs and feet - but she has soldiered on, and will tonight, even though she tweeted that her feet got "a little worse" this week.

In fact, over the weekend,   Menounos tweeted about the status of her feet, posting: "Trying to stay positive. … I've made it this far-feet don't fail me now! Praying:)" and "Epsom salt bath-check Bone stimulators-check Advil for inflammation-check Ice packs on feet and knees-check Vitamins-check Hahah Night all:)"

She may be having a rough time of it on the show, but you couldn't tell from her performances. That's because Menounos dances very well, and has great chemistry with Hough.

Their sizzling dance floor interaction - and a kiss during one of their routines - have had people wondering whether they are more than just dance partners. Others have speculated that they've ratcheted up the sex appeal of their act on purpose.

"We're not really going for anything specifically," Hough said. "I don't know. It happens more naturally."

But if she hadn't been partnered with Hough, who would she have chosen? They are asked to write their predictions down on a piece of paper.

When the answers are revealed, Hough writes that Menounos would have chosen Mark Ballas - who is partnered with classical singer Katherine Jenkins - while she writes she would have picked Tristan MacManus, who was partnered with Gladys Knight.

And if Hough hadn't been partnered with Menounos, he wrote that his choice of partner would have been Katherine Jenkins. Menounos had predicted Jenkins would have been Hough's choice.

Menounos joked that Hough probably wishes he had Jenkins as a partner "because she's really good."

"She doesn't mess up. She's really elegant. I'm not," she said, but Hough quickly dismissed that thought.

"Shut up. You're amazing. I love dancing with you. Next question," Hough said, laughing.

It turns out the four - Ballas, Jenkins, Menounos and Hough - are friends.

"We kind of just hang out a lot with each other and stuff," he said.

But they're still competitors, and they're working hard.

Menounos said she's already dropped two pants sizes, yet gained five pounds of muscle.