R. Kelly Death Report a Hoax

Jakubaszek/Getty Images

You can rest easy - R. Kelly is alive and well and has not died in a jet ski accident in the Turks and Caicos islands.

Reports of Kelly's death surfaced online early this morning, with various websites reporting it.  It wasn't too long, though, before R. Kelly himself disproved the rumor by tweeting a photo of himself, with the note, "Glad I don't even know how to jet ski."

At this point, any report of a celebrity jet ski death in the Turks and Caicos is suspect.  In just the last year or so, celebrities who supposedly died in the exact same fashion include Brad Pitt, Chris Brown, Ja Rule, J. Cole, rockers Chad Kroeger and Bret Michaels and others.  The reports are generated by various "fake news" websites that allow users to plug a name into a pre-written story, which is then picked up by various news and gossip aggregator sites.