Vanessa Williams on Botox: 'No One Talks About It, Everybody Does It'

Credit: Brian To/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Vanessa Williams shares some stark secrets in her new memoir "You Have No Idea," like she claims she was molested at the age of 10 by an older girl, which over-sexualized her and set up a pattern of keeping secrets.

She doesn't keep secrets anymore. One thing she's refreshingly honest about is botox in a business where she says "no one talks about, [but] everybody does it."

"The doctor that I go to for my botox does it gently, so I can act," Williams said. "Which is important as an actress, to be able to be expressive."

Unlike other women who keep your wondering "what did they do," Williams said, "I'm the girl that'll say, 'uh, I'll tell you what I did.'"

Williams is clearly a girls' girl.  Felicity Huffman, her co-star on "Desparate Housewives," told  me during a visit on the set of Wisteria Lane that Williams is a maven, the person everyone goes to for great tips on just about everything.

"I have kind of this encyclopedia of people that can do things for you," says Williams.  "So if someone needs a tutor, I got a great tutor. Someone needs a college course, oh man, this guy was really good.  So I've got my rolodex in my mind, and on my iPhone. And I love connecting people. And seeing the transformation  and helping out."