Former 'American Idol' Contestants Hollie Cavanagh, David Cook Compare Final Three's Strengths

Fox/Getty Images

"American Idol" is down to its final three.

Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips will face off against each other tonight by singing three songs: one chosen by the judges, one chosen by mentor Jimmy Iovine, and one of their own choosing.  We'll also see footage of the three singers returning to their hometowns for heroes' welcomes.

Hollie Cavanagh, who was ousted from the competition last week, says she believes each one of the three remaining contestants has something special that could help them win the title.  Of course, she does have a soft spot for Joshua, who's her best friend.

"I think just everything about Josh" is special, Hollie tells ABC News Radio.  "I mean, his voice is just ridiculous and it takes you to a whole other place when he sings, and that's not just me talking as a best friend, either - that's just real!"

She laughs, "I mean, he can do anything and everything with his voice.  So, he's amazing."

Hollie and Joshua became best friends, she says, because "we're just both really goofy and just like to have fun."

As for Phillip Phillips' special talent, Hollie explains, "I think Phillip, he definitely has a different style.  It's a very unique style, and he sings amazing, and he takes songs and makes them his own.  You know, he is who he is and he doesn't try and be someone else."  She adds, "He could sit there with his guitar for hours and people will just listen.  That's just how much attention he grabs."

When it comes to Jessica Sanchez, Hollie marvels, "She's only 16 and she's singing runs that most artists probably couldn't even do."  She also raves about Jessica's "stage presence" and adds, "Her voice is just ridiculous for a 16-year-old; [there's] so much technicality in there.  I mean, she's gonna be huge regardless of whether she wins or not."

"American Idol" season seven champ David Cook also has high praise for this year's final three.  He calls Phillip "probably one of the more unique contestants this show's ever had," and says Joshua's voice is "ridiculous."  He adds, "I'm trying to avoid using "Idol" cliches, but there's probably a 'phone book' reference in there, and Joshua could pull it off."

As for Jessica, David says, "Jessica just - and not even for her age, I don't like saying that 'cause it feels a little dismissive - I think, just as a singer, that girl's fantastic."  He adds, "I don't envy America the next couple weeks.  That's not an easy vote."

Thursday night's results show will determine the final two; there will also be performances from Adam Lambert and Lisa Marie Presley.