Prince Charles Takes Over BBC Weather Forecast

BBC viewers in Scotland tuning in for their lunchtime forecast on Thursday likely did a double-take when they received a forecast of wet and rainy, with a surprising chance of royal.

Stepping in for their usual weatherman was none other than Britain's own Prince Charles.   The 63-year-old royal was visiting the channel's headquarters in Glasgow to celebrate its 60 th year of broadcasting when he decided to have a little fun with the lunchtime forecast, according to the BBC.

Charles, visiting the station with his wife, Camilla, stepped right in front of the camera and looked like an old pro against the weather map, predicting "cold, wet and windy" conditions brought on by an "influence of low pressure."

The incident was not entirely spontaneous, however.  The BBC reports that Prince Charles worked off a specially written script that highlighted royal residences in Scotland.

When he got to the part of the script that called for "a few flurries over Balmoral," a favorite spot of the royals, the normally staid Charles injected some humor, exclaiming, "Who the hell wrote this script?"

Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, are visiting Scotland as part of their annual Holyrood Week to celebrate Scottish culture, history and achievement, according to the Buckingham Palace website.