Usher Asked About Sleeping with Ex's Bridesmaid During Child Custody Battle

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Usher's custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Raymond headed into recess on Wednesday, but not before Tameka's lawyer questioned Usher about being "discovered" in bed with Maya Fox Davis, a woman who sources tell TMZ served as one of Tameka's bridesmaids.

The juicy allegation came up while Tameka's lawyer was cross-examining Usher about his claim that his ex brings new nannies into his children's lives without communicating about it first. That's according to TMZ, which reports that sources say the incident involving Usher and Maya happened while he was still married to Tameka.

The tug-of-war between Usher and his ex hasn't been confined to the Atlanta courtroom they were in this week. On Tuesday, the former pair aired their thoughts via social media. Usher, who broke down in tears while testifying during his heated custody battle with Tameka, is now criticizing his ex for making light of his distress.

In a post on Facebook, Usher shared a photo that shows him seemingly somber, with his head bowed, while Tameka smirks in the background, digging into what looks like a snack. "how can you get this much joy out of someones pain?…" Usher's message read, before the post was deleted.

But Tameka tweeted that the picture isn't what it seems. She finds the whole thing laughable, tweeting that Usher wasn't crying in the photo. "He is looking at cell phone!" she writes. "NOT CRYING. WE BOTH LAUGHED. This was today & NOT during any testimony! Don't listen to fools." According to Tameka's tweets, she believes that observers have sided with Usher because of his fame.

"Media is an amazing machine.. so easily bought by politics, money & popularity," Tameka writes. "Truth is rarely sought.. they show one sided accounts 2 sway"

Tameka tweets that the truth will come out, and says she didn't "start the battle" with Usher over their two sons together. She says she only filed in response to documents submitted by her ex.

The court case will pick up again in July, according to TMZ.