'WWYD' 'Extreme Couponer' Roils Waiting Customer

ABC News' Elisa Cervone reports:

The TLC reality show " Extreme Couponing," is shaking up grocery stores nationwide and  proving to viewers that these "extreme couponers" can get more for their money. These shoppers spend countless hours rummaging, printing and clipping coupons to make putting meals on the table as economical as possible.

From newspapers to store circulars, extreme couponers rely heavily on any publications that they can get their hands on. Some grocery stores, however, have taken notice of this coupon epidemic and are enforcing store policies limiting coupon use.

Shows like "Extreme Couponing" sometimes glamorize couponing, making the process seem effortless. But extreme couponers spend endless hours reading the fine print of each coupon and shopping at their local supermarkets that are offering the best deals. If your calculations add up correctly, you may be walking out with carts full of merchandise with a few bucks to spare…but will you annoy fellow customers in the process?

Douglas Roberts, a "How Would You Do It?" contest winner from Johnston, R.I., submitted an extreme couponer idea to "What Would You Do?" He wanted to test how bystanders would react, creating a scenario that asked, "Is this too extreme?" Both the cashier and the extreme couponer were actors hired by WWYD.

We set up our hidden cameras at Associated Supermarkets in East Harlem, N.Y., and had our "extreme couponer," Lorraine begin her couponing extravaganza! It didn't take long for bystander Nathan Palmer to express his opinion.

When our "extreme couponer" forgets one of her food items, she makes a quick dash to the produce aisle. After Lorraine takes off, Nathan's patience is strained.

"She's getting other stuff? Come on, lady!" Nathan exclaims.

Just as Lorraine gets back on line to finish her transaction, Nathan confronts her: "Miss we have to go to other places, we have things to do."

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