Kanye West Goes Off on Fan With Laser Pointer at Paris Concert

Credit: Maxppp /Landov

By Cassie Aresenault

We are all familiar with Kanye West's public outbursts, such as the time he stormed off  the stage at the 2009 VMAs after Taylor Swift won her first award  for Best Female Video, cutting her off, grabbing the mic away and protesting his support for Beyonce, or made headlines for comparing himself to Hitler during a concert in England, or  commanded the microphone after losing the Best Hip-Hop artist music video award for "Touch the Sky"  in 2006,  claiming that because he lost  "the awards show loses credibility".

But this time West took his outburst to a whole new level when a  flash of light took him over the edge.

One fan's use of a laser light at a Kanye West concert over the weekend resulted in West  embarrassing him in front of the entire crowd at his and Jay-Z's  "Watch the Throne" tour in Paris.

He used profanities toward a fan flashing a green laser during his song "Flashing Lights."  He stopped the song to curse out the fan. He then continued to perform while asking  if everyone was having a good time tonight, as if nothing had happened.

Kanye West was apparently blinded by the laser the fan was wielding. The fan refused to quit the first time West told him not to "fuck with everybody's show."  That's when West brought the show to a halt and had the entire audience "oohhh!" and shame to the fan into not using the laser or  get kicked out.

This wasn't  the first time West had called out a fan while onstage. Last year, the rapper ejected a concertgoer from a show for throwing a business card onto the stage while he was performing.

With his head-turning, jaw-dropping comments, images, blogs, lyrics and tweets - one thing is for sure, Kanye West continues to make a name for himself, and keep himself in the spotlight - but  not the laser light.