Beau 'Casper' Smart Reveals How Attraction to Jennifer Lopez Began

(Image Credit: Tito Herrera/LatinContent/Getty Images)

When it comes to love, Jennifer Lopez isn't giving up on the fairy tale. The actress and pop superstar wants to get married again.

"For me, the biggest dream is the fairy tale. I will never give up on that dream," Lopez, 42, told ABC News' Amy Robach in an interview that aired today on "Good Morning America," as she and singer Enrique Iglesias kick of their Latin pop-infused world tour.

"It can be difficult for anybody who has to stand by my side, but at the end of the day, I know that I deserve that," she said.

Lopez and actor-singer Marc Anthony split last year after seven years of marriage.

The man who is now standing by Lopez's side is Beau "Casper" Smart, her tour choreographer.

Smart gave some insight into his relationship with one of the most famous women in the entertainment industry.

He revealed that it wasn't love at first sight for the pair. Their attraction developed over time.

"It was just very natural, you know, natural how it happened," he said. "There was nothing before, no flirting, no nothing."

So what's it like for him to work with his famous girlfriend?

"Sometimes, I tell her something, you know, give her notes. But at the end of the day, you know, it doesn't matter what position is what, because she's the boss, you know?" Smart, 25, told ABC.

And when Robach asked Lopez what it was like to take direction from her boyfriend, the singer laughed at the question. "It's all right," she said.

But Iglesias was quick to chime in. "It's got to be tough to work with the one you love," he said.

She agreed. "I have done it many times and it's difficult with some people, and some people, it's easy. Just depends on their personality."

Laughingly, Iglesias prodded her: "Who was it difficult with? Say it, say it, say it," to which Lopez replied, "I am so going to punch you in the head."

It was clear that Lopez and Iglesias get along together on and off the stage.

The two have worked together before.

He penned her hit song, "Dance Again," and the two work closely to coordinate all aspects of their shows, including lighting, pyrotechnics, props and sound.

While both admit their styles are very different, each was full of praise for the other.

"I mean, Jennifer has a type of show, I have a completely different type of show. I think your show is better," Iglesias told her.

She laughed, saying, "See, it's so funny, because I'm sitting there watching, I'm like, 'Oh, I want to do that. Why did he do that?'"

Iglesias said that connecting with his audience is "crucial."

"Your show is only as good as your fans," he said.

Lopez's show is an overview of her life and career, incorporating her Bronx roots, Hispanic heritage, Hollywood glam and her role as a mother to 4-year-old twins, Max and Emme. The show allows her to tell her side of the story.

"People obviously over the years have tried to tell it their way. What have the tabloids gotten wrong about you?" Robach asked.

"Everything," Lopez answered with a laugh.

Iglesias has also been the focus of the media spotlight, especially regarding his 10-year relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova. While his tour co-headliner wants to get married again, Iglesias has a different take.

"You see, for me, marriage is not - I think Jennifer and I see it differently when it comes to that, which I totally respect her opinion, but I don't think you need to be married to someone," he said.

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