Brad Pitt's Lookalike Brother Takes on New Role

Alex Berliner/BEImages

Brad Pitt's lookalike brother, Doug Pitt, is stepping out of the shadow of his famous older sibling with a new video for Virgin Mobile.

In the video, made for Australia as part of Virgin Mobile's new social media campaign, Doug spoofs his ordinary Joe life in Missouri by taking viewers on a tour of his home.

"This is Doug Pitt," the video begins. "The second-most-famous Pitt in his family."

Though he's unlikely to surpass his brother's fame, Doug has certainly raised his profile with the video, which has gone viral.

It's his first celebrity endorsement, but Doug has been in the spotlight before, most recently in 2004 for the premiere of "Ocean's Twelve" in which he accompanied his big brother and the two stunned fans with their uncanny likeness.

Doug has said he gets mistaken for Brad at least three times a week.

In the video, he shows off some of that Pitt humor.

"This is the family living room, where I usually don't get to pick what's on the TV," Doug deadpans, adding that his wife and kids rule that domain.

Moving on to his "man room," he taps his foot to music blaring through a set of chunky headphones and explains, "My family doesn't have my appreciation for classic '70s rock."

In the kitchen, where he considers himself "a little bit of a gourmet," he dons an apron and chops vegetables for a lasagna. Then he goes on about the brilliant features of his printer/scanner in his home office.

Finally, he professes his love of "all sports" and is shown building a bird house in his tool shed and later shooting for a basketball hoop in his driveway, and missing.

Off camera, Brad's younger sibling is the owner of ServiceWorld Computer Center in Springfield, Mo., where he lives with his family.

"His brother lives the life of a Hollywood A-lister. Doug's life is a little different," the video concludes as it shows Doug brushing his teeth.

To give Doug "a taste of his brother's lifestyle," the campaign asks viewers to go to a Virgin Mobile website and show Doug some "like."