Doing Yoga with Hilaria Baldwin

How does newlywed Hilaria Baldwin keep so fit?

Baldwin, host of Plum TV's " Yoga with a View," has been teaching fitness and dance for more than 10 years. A yoga instructor since 2005, Hilaria's " Yoga Vida" studio biography explains, "She also strongly stresses the 'why' for each movement, enabling you to take charge of your own practice and truly understand the purpose behind your yoga. Our bodies are always aware of our minds as they think-this is why we have a physical reaction to all of our emotions and thoughts."

Hilaria shares some of her favorite yoga poses and tips exclusively with our "Good Afternoon America" viewers.

Warrior 1

Teaches: You to stay in the moment.

Strengthens: Quads, shoulders, core.

Stretches: The hip flexor of the back leg and the calves and Achilles tendon

Technique: Keep the knee above the ankle and the back leg straight.

Warrior 2

Teaches: Building stamina.

Strengthens: Quads, hamstrings, chest, outer and inner thighs

Stretches: Groin, back calf muscles and Achilles tendon

Technique: Back leg must be straight, front knee over ankle and do not lean torso forward.

Reverse warrior

Teaches: Increasing flexibility of the back and spine.

Strengthens: Same base as warrior 2 so the benefits are equal.

Stretches: The body is tipped backwards- this will stretch side body and the intercostal muscles. Also strengthen obliques.

Technique: Do not place a lot of weight on the back leg.

High lunge

Strengthens: Quads, calves, hamstrings and core

Stretches: Calves, Achilles, and abdominals

Technique: Keep both feet facing forward. Stretch back heel towards the floor and the front knee above the ankle.

Tree pose

Strengthens: Standing leg, core, glutes, stabilizers

Stretches: Hips, groin, & side body

Technique: Engage glutes to open hips. Place the foot above or below the knee- not on the knee. Stay lifted in the standing leg. Press the foot into the inner leg just as much as the inner leg into the foot (Newton's third law- equal and opposite forces).