$290 for a Designer Paper Bag

(Image Credit: ln-cc.com)

Could it be the priciest paper bag in the world?

High-end designer Jil Sander's 'Vasari' bag is "crafted from coated brown paper" and has "visible brown stitched seams" at each side, as well as gold-colored metal eyelets, according to a description of the product on LN-CC, a retail website.

The designer's name is printed in small lettering on the side of the bag.

The bag, from Sander's fall line for men, comes in small ($273.12) and medium ($290.67).

A large size is not listed on LN-CC.

And it seems there is a market for it. LN-CC's website said the medium bag is sold out.

The designer also offers a version of the bag in leather - which retails for about $360 - as well as a plastic tote for $140.