Kathie Lee Gifford: Taylor Swift Crashed Kennedy Wedding

Astrid Stawiarz;Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kathie Lee Gifford is backing up her stepdaughter Victoria Gifford Kennedy's claim that Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift crashed Victoria's daughter's wedding over the weekend in Boston.

Kathie Lee spoke about the incident on NBC's Today Thursday, saying she saw Conor and Taylor departing the wedding after they were asked to leave twice.

As Victoria told the Boston Herald earlier this week, Kathie Lee recounted that Conor was invited to the wedding but failed to RSVP. When he texted an hour before the ceremony asking if he could bring Taylor, Victoria asked them to please not come. Victoria was concerned Taylor's presence would steal the spotlight from her daughter Kyle on her wedding day.

Taylor's rep denied those claims to ABC News Radio Wednesday, saying Taylor was an invited guest to the wedding and the bride thanked her for being there.