New Built-In Heels Give Feet a Break

(Image credit: Camileon heels)

Wearing heels all day can be a huge pain for those spending hours on their feet. These new shoes from Camileon heels have a built-in heel that folds in when you want to take-it-easy on your toes.

The shoes offer an easy alternative for people carrying a spare pair of flats in their purse.

"We brought these shoes to the marketplace in 2007 to test the technology and all of the styles sold out," Camileon CEO Sean Flannery said in a written statement. "Now women have the opportunity to get a pair or two from our classic collection for a limited time. We have big plans for this technology and this may be the last time to get one of the timeless original designs made from Italian leather at such a great price."

For a limited time, prices range from $99 to $129. The designs include sandals, classic pointy-toe and round pumps, and sling-backs. They come in mostly black and neutral colors with a few red options, as well.

Interested in wearing the heels? All sales are final and a store credit is given to those with damaged goods or an incorrect size.

Take a look below to see how they work: