Randy Travis 'Spooked Out' Caller Who Found Singer on the Road

(Image Credit: Courtesy Grayson County Sheriff's Office)

The man whom police later identified as Randy Travis "spooked out" the 911 caller who found the country singer lying along a Texas road, according to Grayson County audio tape of the emergency call.

"Hello. On on the road from 377 to Valley View and I just found a guy laying on the road," the caller says.

"Is he responsive?" the dispatcher asks.

"I haven't gotten out of my vehicle yet, I'm staying in my vehicle just to make sure."

"Are you OK?"

"I'm spooked out," the caller says.

Police later fou nd Travis shirtless on the side of the road and arrested him for allegedly driving while intoxicated.


Police say the 53-year-old country superstar was involved in a single car accident, and then took a nap on the side of the road. Authorities said there was a "strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and several signs of intoxication."

When police arrested him for alleged drunk driving, Travis also allegedly threatened to shoot and kill the troopers, which resulted in an additional charge of retaliation and obstruction.

"At one point during the evening and at some point after that he made contact with him, he threatened to kill two of the troopers," Sgt. Ricky Wheeler of the Grayson County Sherriff's Department said.

Travis was brought to the station naked, although it's unclear whether he was discovered naked or somehow disrobed later, Wheeler said.

Travis' mug shot shows him with a black eye and cuts on his face. Wheeler said police didn't know whether the bruises were the result of the car accident or whether he was like that before.

"That's just the way he was brought into our jail," Wheeler said.

Travis was booked and held overnight, then released Wednesday after posting a total of $21,500 bond, $20,000 of which was for the felony charge.

When he exited the jailhouse, he was barefoot and wearing a paper jail suit.

It has been a rough year for the singer, who in February was busted for alleged public intoxication while parked outside a church near his home.

Travis pleaded no contest to that charge and his representatives have no comment on the latest ones. The "Forever and Ever Amen" singer's legal troubles come after some personal ones, namely a messy divorce in 2010 from his wife and former manager.