Designers Auction $15,000 Pink Diamond Barbie

(Image credit: © JM Houle)

Celebrity fashion designers Phillipe and David Blond have shrunken their clothing for a much smaller client: Barbie. Known for their fun and glamorous approach to fashion, the team, known as The Blonds, have given Barbie a pink diamond touch you won't see in toy stores.

Estimated to be worth $15,000 at auction, Barbie's ensemble is inspired by a runway look from The Blonds' 2008 show. Bill Greening, Principal Designer at Mattel, worked with them to create the pink diamond doll that debuted this month at The Blonds Spring 2013 show.

(Image credit: © JM Houle)

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Barbie's dress and pumps, made of fuschia and rose gems, were "hand embellished by The Blonds themselves," a company statement says. Her look includes a faux fur coat, pink stud earrings and sparkling ring. A collector's item, the doll includes a display case and certificate of authenticity.

The auction is being conducted on the website Charitybuzz, and proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund organization. At this writing the highest bid was $4,250. Bidding ends on Tuesday at 3 p.m. EDT.

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This isn't the most expensive doll ever. In 2010, a bidder won a doll wearing a diamond choker for $300,000.

If you love the doll but can't afford its high price tag, offers a similar version for $125, but it is currently back-ordered until December.

The Blonds clothing is meant for private clients and is not available in stores. In addition to Barbie, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry have all worn dresses created by the designers.