Jon Cryer Says Miley Cyrus 'Brought It' on 'Two and a Half Men'

Credit: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Miley Cyrus is raising eyebrows with just-released photos from her upcoming "Two and a Half Men" stint. But backstage at the Emmy Awards Sunday, Jon Cryer said the former "Hannah Montana" star will be worth watching for more than shock value. Cyrus appears on the CBS sitcom Oct. 18 as Missi, the daughter of one of Kutcher's character Walden's friends.

"She plays kind of a motormouth character so they gave her page long monologues," Cryer said, noting that he was worried when she was still "on book" - acting with a script - during dress rehearsals.

"Even when we got to within two hours of the show, she was still on book, and we were thinking 'Uh oh, Miley better bring it,'" he said.

But when it came time to tape before a live audience, he said, "Miley brought it. Miley was just on fire, did fantastic."

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He added, "Then I remembered that she was actually hatched in the Disney labs in Burbank," (a reference to her five year stint starring on Disney's "Hannah Montana") "and grown for just this sitcom situation. She was lovely, we had a great time."

Without prompting, Cryer also weighed in on the 19-year-old's "controversial" cropped hair. "I lay on the side of I love it!" he said. "I think she looks fantastic."

Cryer, who won a best actor in a comedy Emmy for "Two and a Half Men," also reflected on how things have changed on set since Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen last season.

"With Charlie, it was automatic, we never had to think about it," he said about their comedic chemistry. "With Ashton, we're always working on it, we're always coming up with more stuff. We rehearse a little more, but show nights go great, show nights go incredibly fast now. It's a blast."

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