Q&A With Hollywood's Most Powerful Stylist

(Image credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Ranked the number one stylist by Hollywood Reporter, Kate Young is at the top of her game, styling top celebrities like Natalie Portman. We chatted with the fashion expert about everything from her inspiration to her favorite movies.

As a stylist, what do you look for when you're at fashion week?

I look for inspiration, just general inspiration. But I also look for things that will take a nice picture, things that will photograph well, or inspire a story for a magazine or things that would look good on one of my clients.

What else inspires you?

I love "Don't Look Now" and "The Bitter Tears" with Petra von Kant is like a top hit. Things like "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "Breathless" are almost cliché to mention when you talk about fashion. I think that so many people are inspired by them but it's because the mood lends itself so well to fashion.

What collections have stuck out to you for some of your clients like Rachel Weisz or Michelle Williams?

Jason Wu was the most exciting one. I work with him so I'm super inspired by whatever he has going on. And his collection was very lingerie-inspired, and there was a lot of black and white which I love. There were graphic shapes but also a touch of femininity and I think that feels really modern.

How often do you and Jason Wu work together?

Jason and I work together all year round. We sort of respect each other and bounce these ideas off of each other. And then, you know, starting two to three weeks before the show we start working together.

What other shows did you love?

I loved Joseph Altuzarra's collection. He did a take on how to layer winter for summer and I think that's something I relate to. I like the idea of wearing more clothes rather than less but in lighter fabrics…I think Marc Jacobs had a really interesting show in black and white. It was graphic and modern.

How would you dress a client to sit front row at fashion week?

They usually wear the designer. Usually it's sort of between day and cocktail. It would be weird if they wore an evening gown. For a celebrity to go and sit in the front row a lot of it is about the photo of them sitting in the front row and looking good in the clothes so I don't think I would choose something super basic and boring either…That wouldn't get photographed.

Is fashion week one of your busiest times? Is your schedule hectic?

It's a lot of hours. For me it's hard because it's a lot of late nights and I have two little kids and I like to have dinner with them before going to bed. It's also really fun- I see a lot of people during fashion week that I don't normally see during the year. It's fun to catch up with them!

What projects can we look forward to seeing from you?

I'm on my way to shoot a Dior fragrance commercial with Natalie Portman. And the next week I'm dressing Gretchen Mol for the Emmys.