Q&A With YouTube's Top Beauty Guru

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With over 2 million followers, Michelle Phan is YouTube's biggest beauty blogger. We got a chance to chat with her after Fashion Week in New York to hear about her favorite shows, celebs she's met and her five must-have products.

What were some of your favorite shows?

Nanette Lepore and Whitney Eve, both shows I was able to hang out backstage. This is my first fashion week we're I'm kind of sitting back a bit, which is nice. Usually it's really chaotic.

What's it like being backstage?

Energy is high. It's actually scary at first because everyone is rushing to get stuff done. Very little space and you always feel like you're in the way. Once you've gone to a few shows, you'll start to know how to navigate backstage and get all the things you need in and out.

What are some big beauty trends for next season?

I love that strong brows are coming back. I think last spring it was more corals and very whimsical, flirty colors. I think next year it's going to be more ocean-inspired colors.

How do you transfer the runway looks to wearable everyday looks?

I have to translate it to my viewers who are experimenting with beauty. You don't want to make it too "out there"… I think it was Alexander Wang where they wore this tribal head piece and I thought, "Wow, that's gorgeous looking. Would I wear? Probably not. But maybe we can incorporate it into an eyeliner in some way."

Who's the coolest person you've met backstage?

I think it was Mick Jagger at L'wren Scott.

Is there a beauty icon you'd love to meet?

Pat McGrath. She's just so incredible and amazing at what she does.

So you're here at Fashion Week. What do you pack?

Well, the first time I went I was a newbie from Florida, and wow - I didn't know! Carry a big tote with you. I had a little purse and I couldn't fit all of my things. For me, I'm all about comfortable shoes. When I'm on the run I take off my stilettos…. Two or three years ago I used to bring a digital camera with me but I think now mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated.

What about beauty products? What are your five must-have products?

Pressed powder for sure. Here, when you're running around it gets really humid! Lash curler to re-curl your lashes unless you're blessed with great lashes. Lip liner - it's easy to use . And sometimes since I use fake lashes I carry portable lash glue with me in case they fall off. And eyeliner.

Now that you're away, how do you create videos on the road?

Since I'm going to be away for three weeks, I produced 10 videos last week…On my channel I do two videos a week, so I'm constantly editing. When I was flying here I was editing on the plane.

Tell me a little about Myglam.com

I know a lot of my subscribers are young girls and they want to try and play around with beauty but they can't really afford $80 lipsticks. So My Glam was introduced. For $10 a month, you get a really cute "glam" bag…and inside the bag are sometimes $40-90 worth of beauty products, full-sized to deluxe sized beauty products, handpicked from all around the world…Not only that, but we produce content and show them how to use it….I think at the moment we have over 100,000 subscribers.

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