Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Claims She Can't Access Evidence

Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images

The woman accused of stalking "30 Rock" actor Alec Baldwin has said her reputation has been destroyed and she can't access information that could clear her.

Genevieve Sabourin, 40, of Canada, said the allegations against her stem from a "misunderstanding" and that she hasn't been able to retrieve Facebook correspondence with the actor to prove her claims, AFP has reported.

"When I saw that he had begun seeing someone else, I decided to cancel our friendship on Facebook, and because of that I lost the entire content of our conversations," she also told AFP.

Characterizing media reports about an alleged love triangle, Sabourin said she has been "stoned in the public square." She also said she feared a jury of New Yorkers would be biased against her.

The actress has also been talking to other media. She told Huffington Post Quebec that her reputation was "destroyed" and her "self-esteem eroded."

WATCH: How Baldwin And Alleged Stalker Met

The actress allegedly stalked the actor after he failed to return her affections. She has denied any allegation of wrongdoing.

Sabourin was arrested in April outside the actor's apartment in New York City, not long after he became engaged to Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor whom he later married. Sabourin had reportedly flown from Montreal to the actor's Hamptons home in March and followed him to an event at Lincoln Center prior to her arrest.

Emails from Sabourin to Baldwin were made public in July and the actress was charged with aggravated harassment and stalking.

According to a signed affidavit filed by the actor, Sabourin sent the 54-year-old actor 10 emails on a single day in March.

"She said that I could call the FBI and have her put in jail, or I could call her and speak to her," Baldwin wrote in the affidavit. "She told me if I did not have a conversation with her it would mean 'war' and that she was 'ready for it' and asked if I wanted to have this happen in a non-control[led] place and time at any given moment like a bad surprise."

He also said that one of the emails was titled "Defcon 1?- and stated that Sabourin planned to start a "massive destructive war."

The pair met in 2002 on the set of the film "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," in which the actor had a cameo. Sabourin is credited on IMDb as part of the crew.

Court records show Sabourin and Baldwin once shared a dinner together, but Baldwin claims he only offered her advice as a favor to a friend.

Sabourin is expected to be tried on the charges in November.