Halle Berry Reveals She's Related to Sarah Palin

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Bill Pugliano/Getty Images.

Here's hoping Halle Berry's next family reunion takes place in Wasilla. The Oscar-winning actress revealed in an interview with "Extra" that she's distantly related to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

"You want to know who I'm related to? Sarah Palin!" Berry told "Extra." "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli shouted "No!" in disbelief. Berry laughed and said, "That's what I said, 'Nooo!'" mimicking a horror movie scream.

How? "Some twisted way," Berry said. "Somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [relative]."

Berry's "Cloud Atlas" co-star Tom Hanks, who was also interviewed by "Extra," said the connection fits in with the theme of their new sci-fi film, which opens Oct. 26.

"This is the 'Cloud Atlas' continuum without a doubt," he joked. "I'm telling you, the connections that go through. It doesn't matter who, what race, where, what time."

Berry didn't say how she discovered the Palin connection, but many celebrities are discovering unlikely famous relations thanks to genealogical shows like "Who Do You Think You Are?" and the website Ancestry.com. Earlier this month, Ancestry.com tied Justin Bieber to fellow Canadian stars Celine Dion and Ryan Gosling. And in 2010, the site reported that Palin and President Obama are tenth cousins.

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