Katie Holmes on New Role: 'Finally, I Get to Yell'

Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News.

We didn't see a lot of Katie Holmes during the six years she was married to Tom Cruise. (Highlights include "The Kennedys" miniseries and a turn on "How I Met Your Mother" as a "Slutty Pumpkin.")

So she's pretty pumped about returning to Broadway next month in "Dead Accounts." She talked about her role as Lorna, a woman living with her aging parents in Cincinnati and trying to figure out her life, during an event with NPR's WNYC radio station Thursday. ShowBiz411 said Holmes shared her favorite part of being on stage: "Finally, I get to yell!" She added, "What I really loved about this character was she's strong underneath it all. I like her values, I like that she's trying to figure it all out and really cares for her family."

As for why she wanted to go back to Broadway (her debut was in 2008's "All My Sons"), Holmes said, "I thought it would be so challenging. Because I was so young when I started working, I was always trying to catch up." She'll hit the ground running when "Dead Accounts" begins previews Nov. 3. The play officially opens Nov. 29.

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