Death Metal Singer Rachel Aspe Shocks French TV


ABC News' Christophe Schpoliansky and Kevin Dolak report:

Given her shy demeanor and soft-speaking voice, Rachel Aspe was expected to sing with the voice of an angel when she took to the stage on France's version of "America's Got Talent." But she shocked judges and viewers when she took to the stage with angry guitar riffs and began to scream the lyrics to Swiss death metal band Sybreed's "Emma-0."

The shocking moment on "La France A Un Incroyable Talent" harkened back to the genuine surprise when Susan Boyle took to the stage on "Britain's Got Talent" in April 2009, and jolted the world with her angelic rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream." Apse's performance was sort of the flip-side of that.

Speaking with, the 24-year-old student from Mougins, France, whose YouTube clips have been viewed nearly 2 million times, said that getting dismissed from the show was "nonsense."

"I was disappointed, because when I saw the people they selected to advance in the show, I thought it was rubbish. … I think this is unfair. I am the most watched on YouTube among all candidates on the show this season," she said.

Aspe said that she was told by people from the show that her "musical 'universe' was too violent for the TV network." But metal, she says, is a passion.

"I discovered metal when I met new friends when starting high school. I always sang a bit and when I discovered this style of music I wanted to try as well and fell in love with it," she told "My style is not exactly heavy metal. Heavy metal is more like Iron Maiden, they don't scream. I call my style metal. "

Aspe is not the only lovely lady with the voice of a metal god. Angela Gossow, the singer from Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy, and Alissa White-Gluz of Montreal-based Agonist, are two pioneers Aspe says she's flattered to be compared to.

Though she's currently studying to be a nanny and working in a day care center at a Mougins fitness club - she doesn't sing to the kids, she says - Aspe is open to a future in music, despite not making it through "La France A Un Incroyable Talent."

"I have received a lot of messages of encouragement from very famous musicians. Some of them are expected to talk about me to other people in the business," she said. "I have also received project offers, so it's all going well."

And what does she think of being the next Susan Boyle?

"Nothing," she says, flatly. "But why not?"