Fresh 'The Silvio Santos Program' Scare Prank Goes Viral

Obtained by ABC News

A fresh clip from the Brazilian hidden camera television show "The Silvio Santos Program" has gone viral. After the creepy clip of a little girl suddenly appearing in an elevator took the web by storm, this one features a man popping out of a coffin.

In the clip, the men in the coffin are actors. When the elevator doors close, the "corpse" pops out of the coffin, leaving the elevators riders absolutely terrified.

This Brazilian TV show snags victim after victim, and the clips have gone global. People seem to love to watch this stuff - but has reality TV just crossed a line?

Just last week renowned American magician Wayne Houchin was badly burnt during a stunt gone wrong on Dominican TV. He's doused in flammable cologne, which caught fire. Houchin is still in the hospital with first-degree burns. And now there's even an arrest warrant out for the show's host.

More and more producers are playing with fire.

"[This has] gone way, way, way beyond anything we could imagine in the candid camera days," Michael Levine, author and celebrity media expert told ABC News. "There's a consequence for outrageous reality TV but don't know the consequence because we are in uncharted territory."

In Germany a game show contestant nearly killed himself somersaulting over a moving car on live TV - with 10 million people watching.

Looking at this sort of incident, Levine sees cause for concern.

"If this is where we are today," he asks, "what would have to happen in the next five years to top it?"