Catching Up With Tim McGraw

How is country music star Tim McGraw kicking off his Super Bowl weekend? Performing live in concert at " Good Morning America's" "Super Tailgate Party."

The Louisiana native will perform multiple songs from his highly-anticipated new album, "Two Lanes of Freedom," from the legendary House of Blues this Friday, Feb. 1. Ahead of the album's Feb. 5 release, McGraw gave "GMA" the lowdown on his new music, his favorite must-see destination in Louisiana and who he's rooting for in the big game.

1. Your new album is called "Two Lanes of Freedom." What's the meaning behind the title?

I don't know if there's so much a meaning behind it, but it's sort of about acceleration and looking out at the open road. I think, looking sort of metaphorically at my career, it looks like I've got a lot more ahead of me than behind me and that's what I really feel like. That's what the album title means to me.

2. Who's your dream duet partner right now? (Wife Faith Hill can't be a choice!)

My dream duet partner would have to be Bruce Springsteen. There's a bunch of people I'd like to sing with and I've been fortunate to sing with a lot of great people in my career, but it would be cool to do one with Bruce.

3. What's your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform is always the new stuff. I think every artist will tell you that performing the new songs are what you look forward to every night.

4. If there's one place everyone should go to in Louisiana, it is…

There are a lot of places that you can go to in Louisiana that are cool. It's such a great, great state. But I think if I had to pick one thing, I would think a home, Saturday night, home game at [LSU's stadium] "Death Valley" with the Tigers. That would be an experience that you would never forget.

5. What's the inspiration behind your new single, "One of Those Nights"? "One of Those Nights" is just a song that sort of just takes you back in time. Whether you're 10 or 80, you're either thinking about the memories that you're going to make, or you're looking back at the memories that you had, or you're in the middle of living those memories. I think this song just provides a soundtrack for all of those things that you can project onto it.

6. What's your pick for the Super Bowl?

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I don't really have a pick for the Super Bowl. On one hand, San Francisco is interesting because they're young and they're very talented, and I think it's going to be tough to beat them. My dad is from that area, my uncle lives in that area, and he's a big 49ers fan. But I also have a connection with the Ravens, with Michael Oher and the whole "Blind Slides" story. It's going to be tough. I think I'll probably wake up that morning and decide which team I'm going to pull for.

(McGraw starred opposite Sandra Bullock in the 2009 Oscar-nominated movie, "The Blind Side," about football player Michael Oher's path from homelessness to NFL stardom).

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Watch "Good Morning America's" Super Tailgate Party Friday at 7 a.m. ET. If you're in the New Orleans area, come down and see Tim McGraw perform live and join the party on Friday, Feb. 1! Audience should arrive starting at 5 a.m. local at the House of Blues, located at 225 Decatur St. in New Orleans. Entrance is on a first-come-first-served basis until we reach capacity.