Anne Hathaway's Oscars Dress Snub

Actress Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for Best Supporting actress, but the "Les Miserables" star has received backlash about the dress she donned on the red carpet.

Hathaway, 30, is rumored to have swapped her original Valentino gown for a Prada one.

Before the Oscars began, Valentino sent out a news release stating Hathaway would be wearing a "pink embroidered tulle illusion gown."

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Once Hathaway emerged on the red carpet, however, the Valentino was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the actress wore a pink Prada dress she described to ABC as, "My mom says it's business in front, party in the back."

"I'm hearing rumors that this dress [the Valentino] might have been Anne and looked a little too much like her 'Les Mes' co-star [Amanda Seyfried]," said Carol McColgin, style editor of The Hollywood Reporter.

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

A long-time Valentino fan, the actress has worn the label to many red carpets and even to her own wedding.

Hathaway declined to comment on the dress snub but the star told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet that it was a last-minute decision.

"I didn't know what I was wearing until about three hours ago but I really like it," she said. "This is the one that spoke to me in the end."

Hathaway isn't the only Oscar winner to have made a quick dress switch. Hilary Swank, two-time Oscar winner, reportedly changed her dresses last minute before going on to win an award each time.