'Bachelor' Bombshell: Sean Lowe Dismisses Tierra LiCausi

VIDEO: Reality-TV stars Tierra and AshLee battle it out as two of the final five on ABCs hit series.

Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" stunned fans when Tierra LiCausi, the contestant whom many fans considered to be the villain of the season, was sent packing before the rose ceremony.

LiCausi was among several women competing on the ABC reality-TV show to win the heart of eligible bachelor Sean Lowe, but her tendency to be overly emotional had become a source of friction between her and her fellow competitors.

In the episode, Lowe and his six aspiring fiancées had traveled to romantic St. Croix in the U.S Virgin Islands to get to know each other better. There, on a private date with Lowe, LiCausi told him she believed he'd become distant.

AshLee Frazier, one of LiCausi's rivals for Lowe's affections, also had a date with him, and he asked her about the atmosphere in the house. She told him that LiCausi didn't get along with the other women. (She also revealed that she'd briefly been married when she was in high school, and even though she'd been nervous to make that confession, he took it in stride.)

After their respective dates, LiCausi, 24, confronted Frazier about her comments and sparks flew. Frazier told LiCausi that she was rude and unfriendly. LiCausi rejected those claims, and accused the 32-year-old Frazier (whom she'd earlier referred to as a "cougar") of trying to undermine her relationship with Lowe, 29.

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Unaware of the drama unfolding nearby, Lowe was having a chat with his sister. He wanted his sibling to meet LiCausi so they could get to know each other, but when Lowe went to find LiCausi, she was crying. She told him about the argument with Frazier, and said the competition was becoming very hard on her emotions.

She added that she had a big heart and was being hurt by the negativity from the other women.

That's when Lowe shocked LiCausi with the news: Out of concern for her emotional well-being, he was sending her home immediately.

He walked her to the van that would take her away, and once inside, she broke down again.

"I can't believe he did this to me! I just want to go home," she said. "I hope the girls got what they wanted."

In an interview after the episode, Frazier reacted to LiCausi's abrupt departure.

"One too many dramatic spills had happened and I think when he came in and another dramatic scene happened, he probably saw her true colors at that point," she said. "When she went home, I thought, 'OK, finally, now let's get to what 'The Bachelor' is really about. Finding love.'"

She's one step closer.

During Monday night's rose ceremony, Lowe also dismissed 25-year-old Lesley Murphy.

Next week's episode will feature Lowe's visiting the families of the four remaining women.

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