Beyonce Drops Hints About Super Bowl Halftime Show

(Image Credit: Morry Gash/AP Photo)

It's a Super Bowl halftime show so eagerly anticipated that Beyonce's performance might distract the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers from going to the locker room.

Beyonce offered a rare peek into her perfectionist planning during a Thursday news conference.

"We've been preparing for about four or five months, so of course, I'm nervous," she told a throng of reporters.

The singer, 31, said many of her big ideas had to be toned down or axed.

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"It took so many months to just decide what the stage was because some of the things that were in my head just weren't possible to put together in that amount of time," she said.

Fans have started to wonder which of her classic songs will be performed during the 12-minute set. Luckily for fans, Beyonce released a teaser of the halftime rehearsals earlier this week.

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Keen viewers have already detected that some of the rehearsal choreography is similar to her 2008 hit "Single Ladies," which is appropriate for a game where the winners get to put a ring on their fingers.

"I can't give too much away but I can say that every little second matters and we're working," Beyonce said.

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There has been a lot of buzz that a Destiny's Child reunion might be in the works. Beyonce would neither confirm nor deny that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams could be joining her in New Orleans, but she did sing their praises Thursday.

"There is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have," Beyonce said.

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The singer has been doing her part revving up the fans for one of the biggest performances of her career. Beyonce has been updating her Tumblr account of rehearsal photos to give fans a rare glimpse into her preparation.

"I feel like the fans are a part of this and I want them to be a part of this every step of the way," she said.

Beyonce also took time at the presser to silence her critics about the lip-syncing controversy by performing the national anthem a cappella.

And in case you were wondering, she plans on singing live Sunday.

"I am well rehearsed and I will absolutely be singing live," Beyonce said. "This is what I was born to do. What I'm born for."