Book Lovers Outraged Over Sexy 'Anne of Green Gables' Cover

Anne of Green Gables is ditching her red hair and getting a sexy new look.


A new copy of the classic "Anne of Green Gables," written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, is getting backlash for featuring an attractive blonde on the cover instead of a young red head.

The book was published in November by a self-publisher and features a three-in-one set of "Gables," "Anne of Avonlea" and "Anne of The Island." It is available on

Customers were outraged by the new cover, which is a far from the original that featured a young, red headed girl.


"The 'Updated' cover of this product is terrible. First of all, Anne has red hair. RED HAIR. It's a key part of her character and is a strong influence on her words and actions," one customer wrote in their review of the book on "Secondly, Anne is 10 at the start of the series. What is up with the bedroom eyes? Did they just do a Google image search for Sexy Farmgirl? Does anyone publishing this book have any idea of what the stories are actually about?"

"This is nuts, offensive even. That cover image has to be a joke. Anne is a redhead and everyone knows that (or so I thought)," another wrote.