Hollywood Producer Ejected From Oscars for Throwing Paper Planes

(Image Credit: Disney)

A big moment for a Hollywood animation producer at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony was followed by a swift ejection when security caught her whimsically throwing paper airplanes from the mezzanine at the Dolby Theatre.

Kristina Reed, a producer at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles, was watching from the mezzanine as her colleague John Kahrs gave his brief speech after taking home the Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 85 th annual awards show for "Paperman."

Reed decided to show some enthusiasm for her short's win by lofting a few paper planes from her perch above the crowd, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Paper airplanes are a key element in the award-winning animation.

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In the short, an officer worker meets a cute girl on a train platform, but soon loses her, only to find her again in the building adjacent to his office. He spends the morning trying to get her attention by floating paper planes from his window into hers. The seven-minute, black-and-white short played in theaters last year before the animated hit "Wreck-It Ralph."

Although her gesture was an enthusiastic response to the short's win, security was none too pleased, THR reported, and ejected her from the ceremony. Reed has not responded to requests by ABC News for comment.

Her dismissal was short-lived because she reportedly was allowed back in after about 10 minutes of protest.

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