Michelle Williams, Daughter, Behind the Scenes of 'Oz'

Michelle Williams stars in " Oz The Great and Powerful," the new prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," and says she finally made a movie her 7-year-old daughter Matilda could see.

"When I first read the script, I really responded to the fact that it had a good heart at its center. Its sense of humor wasn't sarcastic or mean and I thought it was really something that my daughter could see and her friends would enjoy," Williams said today on " Good Morning America."

The 7-year-old got to spend some time on the set with Williams, who plays a young Glinda the Good Witch in the flick.

"Our director Sam Raimi made sure it was a great experience for her. It's rarely magical behind the scenes, but he had a little chair for her right next to him on set, with her little name on it, a little director's chair. All of the departments were very accommodating and willing to let her come and play and experience it," she said.

Maltida also got to take home her own very magic wand, Williams revealed, just like the ones she used in the film.

"I had a few wands. I had a rubber wand, I had a light up wand, I had a stunt wand and I had a really beautiful carved wooden wand," she said, adding that she held onto one as a keepsake too. Like the original Glinda, Williams' character travels around in a bubble, which required the three-time Oscar nominee to "fly" thirty feet in the air on set, attached to a harness.

"The flying was my favorite part of the job by far," she said.

The Walt Disney Pictures film opens nationwide March 8. The Walt Disney Co. also owns ABC and this website.

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