Teen's Hilarious Jeopardy Answer Wins Him $75K

(Jeopardy Productions)

Leonard Cooper was sitting in last place as the "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament" was winding down, but the teen, dressed casual with a giant afro, pulled off an epic comeback to take home the win.

Cooper's comeback began with the question, "Clavicle is another name for this bone." Cooper pointed to his clavicle as he said, "What's the uh…neck bone…collar bone."

He then scored a Daily Double question where he wagered $18,000 from his total of $18,200. "Gutsy move," host Alex Trebek said as the audience gasped.

But luck was on Cooper's side when Trebek read the question, "In Reginal Rose's play 'Twelve Angry Men', the men are all members of one of these." At first the teen looked as if it was a tough one but a smile crept on his face as he answered correctly, "What is a jury?"

As the tournament headed into Final Jeopardy, Cooper held the lead with $37,000. He pulled off an epic prank on the quiz show before taking home the win.

The Final Jeopardy question was "On June 6, 1944 he said, 'The eyes of the world are upon you."

"Now we go to Leonard Cooper, he's looking pretty happy," Trebek said after both of his competitors got the question wrong. "Why? Did he come up with Ike? Dwight David Eisenhower?"

Well, he didn't come up with the correct answer but he did have one of the greatest Jeopardy answers ever. Cooper wrote, "Who is some guy in Normandy, but I just won $75,000!"

Since neither of the other contestants had enough to take the lead, Cooper walked home with the grand prize of $75,000.