Texans' Lineman JJ Watt Surprises Newlywed Fans

With the NFL season over, it seems like Houston Texans' star JJ Watt is spending his off-season making fans' dreams come true.

Just days after Watt stole hearts by "proposing" to a 6-year-old fan who went viral with a woeful YouTube video about not being old enough to marry Watt, the defensive lineman has done it again, this time surprising a pair of fans who were also recently wed, for real.

It all started with a not-so-simple groom's cake at the Jan. 19 wedding of Nathan and Stephanie Poe, diehard Texans' fans. The Poes had planned to have their second wedding cake feature just the Texans' logo but that idea was set aide when they discovered their baker, Nadine Moon, owner of Houston's "Who Made The Cake?" bakery, had experience making life-size cakes.

Instead, the Poes opted for a full-size replica of JJ Watt from the waist-up. The cake, which Stephanie Poe would say only was "priceless," stole the show at the couple's Texas wedding, so much so that a groomsmen tweeted it to Darren Rovell of ESPN.

Rovell just happens to be one of the only 106 people Watt follows on Twitter, so when Rovell re-tweeted the cake photo, Watt asked him for the couple's address so he could send a wedding present.

"He called me at work yesterday and said that JJ Watt wanted to send us a wedding present and that's why he needed my address," Stephanie, a recruiter for Reliant in Houston, said of the surprise call.

Later that day, Stephanie Poe was at home finishing an interview with a local TV station about the couple's cake when she got an even bigger surprise.

JJ Watt had forgone the mail service and was standing in the hallway of the couple's apartment bearing wedding gifts.

"He brought us autographed jerseys and cleats," Stephanie said. "I just said, 'Are you kidding me?'"

The only downside of this wedding fairytale? Stephanie's husband, and Watt's biggest fan, Nathan, wasn't there to see it. Poe, as he is called, works in the oil industry and is one week into his 21-day offshore rotation.

Poe didn't find out about his hero's welcome until last night when he and Stephanie spoke by phone in their once-daily call.

"As happy as he was, he was very disappointed he missed it," Stephanie said. "He told me it was the equivalent of Taylor Swift stopping by while I was at work and me missing it."

Not one to leave a fan hanging, Watt recorded a message for Poe on Stephanie's iPhone.

"Poe, I'm here with your new wife," Watt says in the video. "I just want to say congratulations and thanks so much for including me."

Stephanie says Watt was most impressed by the two TVs the couple has in their living room, one for watching regular TV and one for watching Texans' football, something Poe does even while he is away.

"When he's offshore, he wakes up during the day and watches the games and then goes to work the next day with no sleep," Stephanie said of her devoted husband. "It's really his love for JJ Watt of why we had the cake and how this all happened."