David Hasselhoff Joins Protest to Save Berlin Wall

(Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

David Hasselhoff's new mission is to save what remains of the Berlin Wall.

The "Baywatch" star joined thousands of protesters in Germany Saturday to stop developers from knocking down the longest-surviving part of the wall to build apartments.

The Hoff also performed his song, "Looking for Freedom," which he performed from the wall on New Year's Eve 1989 and shot him to fame in Germany.

"This last piece of the wall is really sacred. It's the last memorial to the people who died and to the perseverance of freedom," Hasselhoff said during a press conference.

"It's [the wall] about the people and it's about hearts that were broken, hearts that were torn apart and lives that were lost. That's what these people are talking about today. It's not a piece of real estate."

He urged fans via Twitter Saturday to join him in the protest.

"BERLIN WALL MEMORIALPlease show your support come to say hi as we walk the wall at 2pm be a part of History YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!" he tweeted.